Commander's Notes

This is it! It is last full quarter of the Legion year.

First, our 1st Division JVC Thomas Chambers held a genuinely nice PC Dinner 2021 last month. Thank you.

Secondly, the Leadership was in full attendance at the Commander’s Breakfast and with the selected team in place; they made it happen. The team FO Bernie Darmetko; PC Anthony J. Siciiliano and 9th District JVC Lorenzo Fiortino was chosen to plan this breakfast in advance of the scheduled date. Coordinating every aspect and detail the team executed it with precision. Thank you for a “JOB WELL DONE”!

Welcoming began with our 1st Division JVC Tom Chambers that opened the program with the pledge of allegiance to the flag of our country. He gave remarks and thanked Department Adjutant Marty Conatser, Membership Chairperson Chad Woodburn, and Departments Past Commanders Bernie Stegmueller (4th. District) and Mike Carder (7 District) for representing their Districts. JVC Chambers thanked all attending Districts leadership for their hard work and dedication. He then introduced retired Col. Ron Bacci. The attendees received a warm-hearted greeting from the museum’s President that day which was delivered by Retired Col Ron Bacci.

Past National Commander (and our Dept Adjutant) Marty Conatser was there and lead the way door knocking! SVC Wayne Fischer kicked off the telephone calls. Past Department Commanders Mike Carder and Bernie Stegmueller join the phone efforts! Every District was represented! The Division’s Adjutant Harold Dillard and FO Financial worked tirelessly that day. The titans were in full swing with 3 rd District aiming to get their entire District to 100%. Giving them a good run was 8th District the competition was energizing! I personally would like to recognize and “thank” each and everyone that day.

NOW HEAR THIS… This does not mean everyone else stops. No excuse not to get out there and start knocking on doors. Make a phone call. LEADERS never stop… They encourage everyone to help the TEAM effort. Use the Buddy Checks. Perhaps they have been waiting for a personal call or visit to renew. Whatever it takes!!! If you are having difficulties at the District or Post levels, contact us because we are all in this together!

Lastly, April is Children & Youth Month. Coordinate Children & Youth activities and recognition with the post’s Auxiliary unit, SAL and Riders. Obtain Children & Youth Guide from department headquarters. (Try the print shop. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Plan election of new officers, summer Scouting activities and Boys State. Put American Legion Child Welfare Foundation Week on the post calendar if you have not yet done so!

Where is one of the places that you began to learn? Where is it that one gets information. (Because EVERYONE knows information is POWERFUL!) Where is a place that one would get up to date information? Where is one place in common that one sees the Illinois Leaders / Mentor go? EVERY YEAR! The PLACE that is the STATE Convention. YOUR District and post Adjutants have the form now. TALK to your DISTRICT! Get your name on the COMMITTEE delegate or alternate list. Remember that you do NOT have to be a delegate to sit in on a committee. Go learn, attend at least, and bring back to your POST the information. Committees are: Rules; Credentials, Contests; And Internal Affairs; Americanism; Children & Youth; Judiciary; Legislation; National Security; Nomination of Delegates at Large; VA & R; Resolutions; and Veterans Employment & Education. Additionally, there a multitude of training seminars. Here is the link to all items of the STATE Convention: Make this happen for your POST!

The next Division meeting is April 7, 2021, Executive Board at 7:15 pm, meeting at 7:30 pm, at William McKinley Post 231, 1956 W 35th St in Chicago. (Note: extra parking is available at the bank across the street.) As a friendly reminder to submit your delegate dues.

Semper Fortis For God, Family, Country & Warm Regards Commander Gigi Callaway

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